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We provide these work activities:


Care about trees:

  • Risk tree cutting
  • Phased tree cutting
  • Reducing of the tree crowns



Mounting and demounting services:

  • Mounting and demounting service of banners and anything else according to customer's requests
  • Air technique service
  • Barriers and the nets against birds
  • Security rock nets
  • Advertising and information equipments



Painting and varnishing :

  • Painting and varnishes of facedes, interiors, industrial buildings, halls, chimneys etc.
  • Fire protection varnishing
  • Varnishing of rechnological equipments, steel constructions or stages, tanks, bridges, roofs, towers, poles, satelite booster station, drip, flaps, halls and silos



Cleaning service :

  • Washing any glass facades, windows, by WAPP system too
  • Cleaning the roof covering, water wells, drip flaps
  • Dustremoval in production halls, stocks etc.


Building works:

  • Building and chimneys demolishing
  • Spraying the large trapezoidal roofs, sheet metals, facades and fire protection paintings
  • Binding the dilation joins on the panel houses, blocks of flats etc.
  • Thermal isolation of any buildings
  • Welding and incendiary fire works
  • Modifications of metal and concrete constructions surfaces


Removal the dangerous amount of ice on the roofs :

  • Consultation and manufacturing plan designing
  • Video documentation of rhe working objects


Anyone wishing to use our services, please contact us. We are looking forward to aur cooperation.



Ing. Vladimír Faltin